How to value price bookkeeping services: The complete guide

Bookkeeping has traditionally been priced using hourly rates, but clients hate that.  Not only that, hourly rates for bookkeeping work have traditionally been very low, which is why most bookkeepers work long hours for little reward.  There has to be a better way.

So how do you give a fixed price? This is one of the biggest challenges for accounting professionals, and you need to overcome this if you want to get properly paid.

If you want to earn more money from bookkeeping work this is the training for you

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This training course gives you the information and the resources to get much better prices for your bookkeeping work.  It consists of:

  • live online training (which means you can ask questions),
  • video training (which means you can re-visit the training at a time to suit you),
  • workbooks (making it easier to revisit the material), and
  • ready-to-use resources (so you can start getting results FAST). 

Everything you need to start getting much higher prices for bookkeeping work.

WARNING: This training will help you make much more money!  If you’re happy with your current level of income this is not for you.

This is what you are getting

A 4-part training series which includes 3 online LIVE training sessions with me, Mark Wickersham FCA, plus some additional video training.

Each 90-minute session will be highly interactive, which means you can ask me questions.  The training is online so you don’t have to leave your office.  And they will be recorded just in case you miss one of the sessions or want to revisit it.

In addition to the sessions you will receive ready-to-use resources to help you promote, price and sell bookkeeping services… the resources are designed for you to get results FAST!

You will also receive a print ready brochure for selling bookkeeping services.  You’ll have the ability to edit it as you wish, but we’ve done the work of designing it, and we’ve even found a print service for you!  This took a week to create and people tell me it is worth $2,000.  You get it as part of the training, saving you 30+ hours of time creating your own.

The training is broken down into 4 parts and will cover the following topics.

Part 1 – The foundations of pricing bookkeeping services

  • Why the psychology behind an hourly rate is guaranteed to get you low prices, and how to fix it
  • The reason why people are clueless about price, and how you can turn that to your advantage
  • The 3 stages of the value conversation, giving you a structure and confidence for discussing your price
  • The questions you need to ask a new client to understand what they value
  • 5 strategies to avoid the tyre-kickers… those clients who will become a pain in the arse (PITA clients) - and how to walk away with dignity
  • A step-by-step process for building your value (a framework enabling many firms to DOUBLE their prices and more)
  • The reason why your current price is guaranteed to be the wrong price, and how to fix this
  • Your 7-step process for getting better prices – most people increase their average price by 20% with this system
  • Why bundling is your first step to value pricing and building a menu of bookkeeping services…
  • … and why unbundling takes your income to a much higher level
  • The FREE software tool for planning out your complete bookkeeping service
  • Step-by-step how to build your bookkeeping pricing system… this will be a detailed walk-through and you’ll get the end result as a resource (this will save you hours of time doing it yourself).

At the end of this part of the training you will have a complete ‘done-for-you’ packaged solution with options to offer your clients.


Part 2 – The words to use so people see the real value of what you do

  • How to get clients to see the value so they willingly pay you a higher price
  • … and more people buy from you
  • Why you should not call it bookkeeping, and other words to avoid… how to use the right language
  • The 5 most powerful communication techniques for educating your clients about the value you offer – and so they willingly agree to pay you more money
  • How to package up bookkeeping services so you capture the maximum willingness to pay... the ultimate system for demonstrating the value of what you do
  • What you should never do with written proposals…this is the biggest mistake I used to make and it lost me crazy amounts of business

At the end of this part of the training you will have a complete ‘done-for-you’ brochure with a powerful structure and the words to use.


Part 3 – How to come up with the right price

  • Optimal Pricing: A tried, tested and proven system for getting the client to pay you the highest amount they are willing and able to pay… never again will you pitch too cheap
  • Why you will fail if you try to move from hourly rates to value pricing for bookkeeping services...
  • ... and how to take smaller baby-steps that make it much easier for you to make positive progress
  • The questions you need to ask to determine the scope of work (making the unknowns known)… so you never make a loss again
  • How to give a fixed price up front with confidence… a price you know will give you a profit
  • A ready-to-use model to turn complex regression analysis into a powerful way to calculate your reservation price in minutes (this is the key that will unlock the door for you)
  • How to build on your reservation price and price your menu of services so clients choose to pay you more
  • The reason why unbundling is the most powerful bundling strategy
  • How to master the up-sell so clients buy more from you – if you don’t do this you’re throwing money away!!
  • The power of price psychology and how to make your price appear smaller than it really is
  • How your prices stack up: Key findings from a benchmarking report so you can compare your prices against the most successful accountants and bookkeepers

At the end of this part of the training you will have a complete model for how to come up with the right prices; prices that clients will say YES to.  You will become confident when revealing your price.


Part 4 – Advanced pricing strategies

This part of the training consists of video training and resources to take everything to another level. It includes:

  • How to re-price your existing clients… a proven system that will change your profits immediately
  • How to price apps such as QBO and Receipt Bank
  • How to price clean-up work
  • Why you should offer bill pay services and how to build this into your pricing system
  • Scope creep… how to ensure you never work for free ever again
  • Why testing is critically important and how to continually improve your prices… putting you on a path to ever-increasing income


Training at a pace to suit you

You get LIFETIME ACCESS to the training and resources - there is no expiration date, which means you can revisit your training at any time.  And if you miss the live sessions, they will be recorded and made available to you.

Bookkeepers using this approach to price their services are now frequently getting DOUBLE the prices (and sometimes even more). This system will give you the confidence to price much better and get paid what you are truly worth.

Here’s what to do next…

This training will give you everything you need to generate more money from bookkeeping services.  I will teach you how other bookkeepers and accountants have doubled their prices with some clients, and how you will increase your total income by 20%*.

* Whilst I cannot guarantee you will increase your income by 20%, this is a typical result when people follow the training (and some people get much better results than this).

Your investment in the training is just 3 small payments of $655.93 (3 x £500 + VAT).

And as soon as you reserve your place you will get immediate access to your bonus resources.  Did I tell you about the bonuses?

Your bonuses

I asked two of the most successful bookkeepers I know, who have both revolutionised their pricing, their income, and their life to help you.  They are Jane Aylwin (UK) and Teresa Slack (Canada).  I asked them to each give you 90 minutes of additional training showing you exactly how they get their results and how they overcame the pitfalls and challenges along the way.  This will seriously inspire you.

Immediate access to a complimentary copy of my video training course, "How to Avoid Low Prices" - normally sold for $441.  You can check it out here.

The Referral Formula

Do you want more clients?  If so, the best way to win new clients is through referrals.  Everyone knows that.  However, how many systems do you have in your firm to systematically get a steady stream of new leads through referrals?  For most people it is ZERO!  Most accounting professionals rely on luck.  They keep their fingers crossed and hope their clients are saying nice things to other people.  That's not a strategy.  

In "The Referral Formula" video training (with workbook) I walk you through 9 systems you can start using straight away to get a steady stream of new leads and grow your accounting firm.

I created this bonus for you because (a) it is so powerful, and (b) just one new client is likely to pay your investment in "How to price bookkeeping".  I'm giving you this because my goal is for this course to be an investment, not a cost.  I want it to pay for itself in just a couple of months.

The live training

Although the Live Training is some weeks away, if you purchase the training now, you get immediate access to the recordings of the last time this training was run Live.  So you get access to EVERYTHING now, and you will also get invitations to the live sessions.  So there is no need to wait until we officially launch in 2020.

See you on the training.

Mark Wickersham, FCA