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The Value Pricing Podcast

In this podcast, I tackle some of the industry’s most common frustrations, such as dealing with price-sensitive clients, having the pricing conversation, and being confident about charging the higher prices you deserve. 

I am obsessed with value pricing!  It is far superior to the fixed pricing or hourly billing methods that most accounting professionals typically use, and everyone should be using it.  It’s how I built my 7-figure business, and it’s how you are going to do the same.

These episodes are recordings of live monthly training sessions in which I teach accountants and bookkeepers like you how to price your services, win more clients, and run a more profitable business.

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Check out the latest from my blog. There are loads of valuable and inspiring topics to help you level up your skills!

The Simple Price Trick that Can Increase Your Sales by Up to 8%

Jul 07, 2024

Master Prompt Engineering in 6 Levels! – Part 2

Jun 30, 2024

Master Prompt Engineering in 6 Levels! – Part 1

Jun 23, 2024

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You’ll find hundreds of videos where I teach accountants and bookkeepers like yourself how to price and how to build a successful business over on my YouTube Channel. Find live webinars, inspiring stories, value pricing tips, strategies for accountants and bookkeepers, and much, much more.

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Here's a selection of some of my most popular videos to get you started:

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Join the World's Largest Pricing Support Group for Accountants and Bookkeepers

Join our Facebook community of over 9000 accountants and bookkeepers collectively learning to value price.

This group is designed to support those on the value pricing journey. You can ask questions, share your own experiences and network with other like-minded accounting and bookkeeping professionals. Many of our members have already started to see some great results from implementing value pricing.

If you are an accountant or bookkeeper wanting better prices and higher profits, feel free to join the community and recommend others.

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I've written a selection of books for accountants and bookkeepers to help you progress on your value pricing journey. Check them out:

My Books on Amazon - UK
My Books on Amazon - USA
My Books on Amazon - Canada

Effective Pricing for Accountants

The clearest way to make more money is simple... get the price right.  Find out how to get extraordinary results with value pricing in this helpful guide

A Practical Approach to Value Pricing

Value pricing is hard.  It’s hard because value is subjective.  And to make things worse, every client values things differently.  This book provides you with a 7-step value pricing system to get you better results.

Value Pricing for Accounting Professionals

Deliver exceptional solutions to clients and become more profitable with this fundamental guide to value pricing.

How to Build a Successful Bookkeeping Business

It's an uncertain time to be a bookkeeper as technology replaces much of what we do.  But there's a huge opportunity for the innovative bookkeeper...  This book is supported by stories of bookkeepers doing awesome things and getting incredible results.

Price: The fastest way to change profits

Do you work too hard for too little reward? You're not alone! The most common underlying reason for this is the wrong way of pricing. Find out how to understand the numbers, price strategically, and start earning what you're worth in this book.

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Every month you get a VIP invitation to a FREE 60-minute online mentoring session with me. During each session I'll share pricing strategies. I'll also answer your and other peoples' questions in each session. Plus, if you can't make a session live, it's not a problem because recordings will be available, which means you can listen to it whenever suits you best.

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