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Academy Successes
Mark Wickersham

Academy Successes

Value Pricing Academy Success Stories


Here are snippets from interviews I did with three incredible members of the Value Pricing Academy who are doing amazing things in their accountancy practices. You can watch the full videos on my YouTube channel using the buttons below the videos.

Watch the full interview with Neil here
Watch the full interview with Elnize here
Watch the full interview with Jhonatan here

"I have been a member of the Value Pricing Academy for 4 years. When we joined the Academy, our firm was failing. We were working crazy hours and we were not making any money. Our staff got paid but there was nothing left to pay ourselves or invest in training or mentoring to help us get better at building a successful business. We chose to invest our own funds and joined the VPA.

Within 6 months of working with Mark, we had learned how to transition to value pricing. We learned how to use his amazing pricing software, Effective Pricing which made the transition to value pricing so much easier. We learned how to communicate our value and we increased our confidence in being able to reprice our existing clients.

We found the Business Advisory training extremely helpful in moving us into more advisory-type work rather than compliance work. This allowed us to dramatically increase our prices and we learned how to engage with only the right clients for us.

We are now a profitable, stable, successful bookkeeping firm and I give Mark and the VPA full credit for teaching us how to grow our successful business. We are so grateful we met Mark and the VPA."

Teresa Slack

Value Pricing Academy Success Stories


Check out these inspiring success stories from members of our Academy. These are snippets from full-length interviews I did with some amazing bookkeepers. You can watch the full videos on my YouTube channel, just use the buttons below the videos.

(The Value Pricing Academy Level 2: Growth was previously called the Bookkeepers' Pricing Academy, and is referred to as such in these interviews and success stories)

Watch the full interview with Carol here
Watch the full interview with Melanie here
Watch the full interview with Jan here
Watch the full interview with Kimme here

"For anyone who is new, value pricing may seem overwhelming and you don't know where to start. I'm new too, only 4 months in the Bookkeepers' Pricing Academy and honestly wasn't sure if this would be of benefit, but always loved Mark's free monthly webinars so I took a chance, signed up and I am so glad that I did!

Here's why: I decided to take the leap and try menu pricing for monthly services with a new client I had just completed a few years of clean up work for. I created a one-page brochure with 3 options. The brochure was modelled after Mark and Teresa Slack's advice from a couple of different videos. I went over the packages with him on the phone as we looked at it together and to my surprise, he chose the Executive Package (my highest one). This gave me an additional $5000/yr than I thought I would get and the client is very happy with the service. Win/win.

I was able to help another client to actually up his prices for Property Management Services. We went over the value of what he gives his clients, and he sent over a proposal based off of what we discussed. At first, the client gave some push back but when he really explained the value of what he offers and stuck to his guns, they decided to go for it! Just from doing this he was able to increase his monthly fee by about $350!

I am still learning and not experienced with any of this. But so far what I can tell you is if you take a little time to go through the lessons and put things into practice for yourself, you WILL be more profitable and you WILL be able to make a difference in your clients' lives.

Thank you Mark Wickersham! I am so stoked to be part of this Academy."

Jody Value
Simply Savvy

Mark Wickersham

"I have worked with Mark for over three years and in that time he has shown me fresh ways of managing my practice, so that I work less hard but more profitably.

He has shown me how to value the skills and qualifications I have and how to communicate that value to clients and potential clients. He has shown me how to systemise referral systems so that the quality of referrals is the best it can be.

I would thoroughly recommend Mark to anyone that wants their practice to be the best it can be because my practice is definitely in a much better place than it was 3 years ago."

Dionne Sherwood

"Every bookkeeper and accountant needs to listen to Mark speak about pricing!

His passion for modernizing the outdated pricing practices that have been in place for nearly a century raises the bar for accounting professionals everywhere.

If all bookkeepers and accountants were to learn Mark's pricing strategies, we could as an industry, kick the "hourly, work for peanuts" mindset to the curb for good.

Based on [Mark's] initial training, I have used those skills to double my revenue from 2021 to 2022, and also to increase my gross margin from 50% to 60% - those are huge results!!!"

Laura Pilkington
Accounting Elements

"Mark is genuinely interested in improving the “lot” of sole practitioners and has made me discard many of my old unprofitable activities to focus entirely on adding value to my clients. As a result, I am earning far more money.

His thought-provoking webinars have encouraged me to return to my CIMA management accountant origins and I am loving it. Making big differences to the lives of my clients makes it all worthwhile. Compliance is just the beginning of the customer journey."

Paul Castle
Castle Heslop