How to avoid low prices: The complete foundations to value pricing

Have you ever had that feeling where your clients don’t really appreciate you?

Have you ever had a client complain you are too expensive?

And yet, you know you are working way too hard for too little financial reward.

The root cause is pricing.  But how do you get out of that rut?  How do you transition to value pricing, earn bigger fees and have your clients truly appreciate what you do for them?

This video-training programme – created specifically with QuickBooks ProAdvisors in mind – will show you how to make the change in a practical way.

You can work through the training at your own pace and access the videos at any time.  Here are some of the many things you will learn:

  • The number one thing holding you back with your prices… and how to overcome it
  • The 4 big myths about pricing
  • Why price objections are a good thing
  • The profit equation – your 4 options for increasing your profits
  • The 3 different pricing strategies and which one you should pursue
  • The 4 components of the value equation
  • The 2 things every customer wants
  • The 7-step pricing formula that will guarantee you get a better price every single time
  • Why you must never answer the price question with the price
  • A tried, tested and proven pricing system for building your value
  • 3 reasons why you must involve your client in the pricing… and exactly how to do it
  • How to build your service for pricing setting clients up with QuickBooks Online
  • How to price your QuickBooks service so you earn over £1,000 every time… even if you used to do this for free
  • The 5 strategies for promoting your new QuickBooks set up service
  • The cloud changes everything – why you need to change
  • Adding value to your clients with management reporting… and how to make it profitable
  • How to cross-sell management accounting – 3 powerful strategies
  • How to price your management reporting service so it becomes your most profitable service.