The Complete Guide to Menu Pricing

Menu pricing is the best way to get started with value pricing.  It’s a relatively simple strategy to implement and yet the results can be extraordinary.  Of course, there is a real art to menu pricing and in this programme, as well as learning the foundations and a 7-step implementation process, you’ll discover over 27 advanced strategies.

This is what you get:

  1. Video training explaining how to price different customers different prices and why menu pricing is so powerful.
  2. Video training teaching you the 7-step framework for creating your packages
  3. 27 advanced strategies – strategies your competitors don’t know – that will take your results to a whole new level
  4. Mp3 audio recordings of the entire training so you can listen in the car or on your mp3 player
  5. A 60+ page workbook making it easy to refer back to
  6. Practical examples you can copy

This is the most comprehensive training available.  These skills will help you throughout the rest of your professional career and make you much more money.

Here are some of the many things you will learn from this in-depth training programme:

  • Why charging different customers different prices is the first foundation of value pricing
  • If you have a single price for your product it is the WRONG PRICE – guaranteed
  • The 3 degrees of the price discrimination triad
  • How I used menu pricing in 1999 to increase prices THREE TIMES!
  • The reason why menu pricing helps you put your prices up with existing clients… without fear of losing any
  • Why you must always start with the Magic of Three
  • The concept of Optimal Pricing– how to get the best possible price
  • The 7-step framework for putting menu pricing into practice
  • How to carry out customer segmentation – this is something your competitors almost certainly never do
  • How to name your packages
  • The 5-step framework for creating your packages
  • How to price your packages and the concept of relative pricing
  • Increase your prices by 20% when you introduce a super-premium option
  • When to break the Magic of Three rule and introduce a 4th package
  • How to avoid the Paradox of Choice – something which can destroy your menu pricing
  • The 15:60:25 rule for getting the best results from your pricing
  • How to present your packages and why the order is so important
  • The reason unbundling is even more important than bundling

And much, much more.