The Power of Price Psychology

We don’t know the price of anything.

That’s been proven in a branch of science that’s been around for over 100 years.  It’s what much of price psychology is built on.

When you use the right price psychological techniques you will find your customers happily pay you much more money; very often at least DOUBLE THE PRICE… and sometimes much more than that.

In this video training programme I will share with you dozens of strategies you can implement within your pricing straight away.  You will see immediate results and higher profits.  Here are some of the things we will cover:

  • Without contrast everything sounds expensive; why the contrast principle is the single most powerful technique and you must use it every single time,
  • How to change the context in which you are selling and immediately increase the amount your customers are willing to pay,
  • The symbolic meaning of price endings and why you should carefully select the right most digit,
  • Why the left most digit in your price changes perception of price and how you can manage it,
  • Why you should carefully consider the use of commas and decimal places in your pricing,
  • Rounded numbers are dangerous and often you should consider verisimilitude in your pricing,
  • Why precise numbers are so important in logical purchases such as accountancy and tax services,
  • Never, ever reveal your headline price and how to use the “chunk it down” technique,
  • Visual comparison manipulation – where your price appears and how you display it has a huge impact on the customers’ perception of its size,
  • How to reduce the payment pain and increase peoples’ willingness to buy from you,
  • Words really matter.  What words to use to make your price appear much smaller than it really is,
  • And which words increase pain and should be avoided at all cost,
  • How to use anchoring and reference prices to create favourable impressions of your price,
  • The order you should present your prices; this makes a big difference to your results,
  • The most powerful way to present your solutions and make a much bigger sale every time,
  • How to put up your prices regularly and turn it into good news, and
  • Your simple script for drastically reducing the perceived cost to the customer.