The Value Pricing System

Value pricing is insanely difficult

It's difficult because value is subjective.  It's difficult because everyone values things differently.  And it's difficult because accounting services are so complex to price.

That's why you need a system.  A system to enable you to value price with confidence.

The ultimate programme for increasing your profit

The Value Pricing System is my flagship product.  It's a 12-month programme giving you everything you need to master value pricing, to win new clients at higher prices and to re-price your existing clients.

In short, students of this programme regularly increase their bottom line profits very significantly by the end of it.

So if you sometimes find yourself working too hard, for too little money, this programme will help solve that problem.

Your step-by-step framework

Each month for 12 months you will receive additional video training and resources building in a logical way.

Starting with the foundations, you will soon move onto strategy and then the 7-step "fastest way to double profit" formula.

Your ready-to-use resources

In addition to the video training you will receive resources to help you get results fast.  These resources include:

  • The Contract Renewal Letter system - a series of letters and a tried, tested and proven system for moving your existing clients onto your new and higher pricing structure 
  • Ideal client profile
  • Client grading system
  • Re-pricing existing clients
  • How to calculate price
  • Options versus bundles
  • What is important to you
  • And much more

What you will learn

Here are some of the things you will discover and master by the end of the programme:

  • Your 3 strategic pricing options,
  • The 2 critical decisions you must make when building your pricing strategy,
  • The importance of little things and how they can help you charge 20% more,
  • The fundamental problems with time-based pricing,
  • What accountants are really selling… and how that transforms your thinking,
  • Why fixed pricing is not value pricing… and why this holds some accountants back,
  • 7 different ways of pricing more profitably,
  • Changing the way you price compliance services,
  • The commodity trap… the big pitfall you must avoid,
  • What you can learn from water, lettuce and shares,
  • The fundamental elements of the value equation,
  • The 3 keys to being an expert value pricer,
  • The power of ‘emotional associations’… the most overlooked aspect of value,
  • The cowardly option to pricing… and how to make sure you avoid it,
  • How to ensure you maintain the leverage in any price discussion,
  • Why price resistance is something to look forward to,
  • Why there is no such thing as a price complaint,
  • Why you should never wrap all your Christmas presents in one box… and how you apply that to your services,
  • How to make the value of what you do so blindingly obvious,
  • 7 powerful techniques for communicating value, and
  • The 12 methods of pricing… and which ones to use
  • How to price tax planning and price like the most successful firms
  • Why the amount of tax saved is not the value to the client
  • How to price special work… when you follow this process you will generate substantially larger fees for special work
  • The 9-step question process for value pricing when value is subjective
  • How to use perceptual contrast to make your price seem small
  • 5 techniques for making your price seem really, really small
  • How to get people to pay 347.9% more… a practical case study you can use straight away
  • Why, if you have a single price, it is the wrong price
  • You’re leaving money on the table if you ignore the CONSUMER SURPLUS
  • The power of price discrimination… how you can DOUBLE your profits
  • 9 different ways to charge different clients different prices
  • The concept of ‘asymmetry in price tiers’ and why it pays to have premium products
  • The 5 essential steps to implementing effective menu pricing
  • Your 5 steps to effective menu pricing
  • How the MAGIC OF 3 works and how to apply it to client segmentation
  • 6 ways to describe your bundles to your clients
  • The 2 critical questions to ask when creating your master list of features
  • The 2 pricing considerations for pricing your bundles… ignore these at your peril!
  • The power of the upgrade nudge strategy for getting clients to spend more money with you
  • Why top-down pricing is one of the most powerful techniques in your pricing armoury
  • How you can use the TICK LIST TECHNIQUE for presenting your options
  • How mastering menu pricing has helped some firms charge up to 36 times more…
  • … and the 3 reasons why charging much, much higher prices is NOT ripping clients off
  • Your 6-step process for dealing with any objection
  • The 7 steps to building your objection handling system
  • 4 great objection handling scripts you can use
  • If all else fails, your optional power strategy
  • Why you must avoid imaginary objections
  • 12 price objection handling strategies
  • How to overcome ‘payment resistance’
  • 7 strategies for reducing debtors and bad debts
  • How to set out your expectations up front
  • 3 alternative options for allowing clients to pay you
  • Why you should thank clients for paying you… and how
  • The crucial difference between risk reduction and risk reversal… and how they will help you get more business,
  • The 3 ways to reverse the risk so that clients buy more from you and at higher prices,
  • The 7 reasons why you absolutely must offer guarantees,
  • The 4 types of guarantees and which one is right for you,
  • The 3-step guarantee creation system, and
  • How to use your 13-point checklist for effective guarantee implementation.
  • Why people are clueless about price and how you can manage that,
  • How to turn the crazy world of anchoring to your advantage,
  • Why the $1m Hublot watch holds the key to selling expensive services…
  • … and how to sell expensive business consulting work,
  • The ‘magic formula’ for profitable pricing and how you can use it, and
  • Advanced menu pricing strategies.
  • The 3-part formula for setting your price,
  • How much is too expensive?  What you can learn from car washes and sex,
  • How to tap into the power of context,
  • The power of defaults… and how to create your ‘Total Accounting Solution’,
  • How to add £22,800 to your bottom-line profit every year by learning from membership clubs, and
  • How to hide inflationary price increases.