How to build a successful bookkeeping business

In this ICB approved training programme you will learn the foundations for building a great bookkeeping business.  From how to create a winning strategy, how to value price bookkeeping services, the most powerful ways to win new clients, going beyond the books and making a difference to clients lives, and advanced selling, pricing and marketing skills.


Featuring ICB member Jane Aylwin, it is aimed at any size bookkeeping business from a sole practitioner upwards.


In particular here are just some of the many things you will learn:

  • The profit equation and the 4 ways to grow your profits
  • The 3 steps to creating your marketing strategy
  • Pricing strategy and your 3 options
  • The 2 things every customer wants
  • The 7-step formula to value pricing 
  • A pricing system for building the value so you price with confidence
  • The 3 reasons why you must involve your client in the pricing process
  • 5 powerful referral systems for winning more clients
  • How to differentiate yourself and demonstrate you are the credible expert
  • 3 ways to grow your prospect list rapidly
  • How to promote and cross-sell management reporting
  • The power of price psychology - 4 ways to make your price seem small
  • How to convert sales leads into clients
  • The most powerful form of marketing (your competitors won't know this!)


You to get two further bonuses as part of this training:

  1. My video training programme “Cloud Pricing: A systems approach to value pricing”, and
  2. An exclusive VIP Voucher Code giving you free access to my Cloud Pricing software (