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winning new clients Sep 26, 2016

How webinars can increase engagement – and conversion rates

Have you ever run a webinar? If you haven't, then it's time you did because they’re incredibly powerful. And, to help you get started, I’m going to share some key tips.

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 Live? Or pre-recorded?

The first big question to think about is whether you should run webinars live or pre-recorded.

Some great software exists that allows you to create webinars as videos and then run them on any schedule you like. Once a week, for example. People log in to watch the webinar, and it feels live. As a concept it has a lot of appeal. However, one problem I’ve found – and other people’s research bears this out – is that even though pre-recorded webinars may feel live, conversion rates are significantly lower.

Tip #1: Run them live

My first tip then is to run them live. That way, you can give whatever offer you’re making a real sense of urgency. If, for example, by the end of the webinar you want people to have booked a meeting with you, you could just open up your calendar to the first six people that respond. Which obviously wouldn’t work so well if it was a repeat of a pre-recorded webinar!

PowerPoint? Or webcam?

While there’s nothing wrong with PowerPoint slides and voice, I’ve found you get much higher engagement – and a better conversion rate – by using a webcam. (You may also hear it called a livecast or a webcast.) There are two main advantages:

·       it’s more engaging – and the more engaging things are, the longer your audience stay around and the more likely they are to take the next step with you

·       it saves a ton of time!

To explain a little.

In a conventional webinar with slides, you need to make sure something changes on the screen – either a new slide or a transition of some sort – every 20 seconds; otherwise people lose interest. This means that for a 60-minute webinar, you need 180 slides. And that many slides would take at least a day to create.

Tip #2: Use a webcam

I don't know about you, but I certainly haven't got time to spend a day writing PowerPoint slides. Instead, in all my webinars, I use a webcam. Sometimes I'll show something on the screen, but I don't use slides. So, if you do get into webinars, use a webcam. It's much easier and you'll get better results.

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