The Accounting Profession is a Great Profession

strategies for accountants Mar 12, 2018

I believe that the accounting profession is an incredible profession


Accountants make a profound difference in the lives of clients, and, as a result, we should be very well rewarded. 

Unfortunately, that's rarely the case. Most accountants are working way too hard for way too little money.

That’s how it was for me when I first started my own accounting firm back in 1996. It was seriously hard. In the space of two years, I had grown it to about 200 clients. It was growing fast, but I wasn’t making any money.

I was working longer and longer hours, it was crazy! But I think that's the state of most accountants and bookkeepers around the world; we work too hard for too little. 


It all changed when I implemented value pricing…


When I started to put in place value pricing systems in 2000, my results changed so significantly that a few short years later I was able to sell my accounting firm.

Since then I’ve been teaching accountants around the world how to move to value pricing.

I now mentor over 300 accountants, we get together online every month, and I teach systems, structures, and processes for getting extraordinary results using my value pricing system.

Some of those firms are increasing prices by double, some by three times, even four times, and not too long ago a bookkeeper told me he'd increased his prices by seven times.

That's what's possible when we learn a different way of pricing.


We're at a big crossroads in the profession… 


With massive technological changes, the accounting profession is changing rapidly.

Not only do we have to add much more value as technology reduces the time it takes to do compliance work, but we also have to change our pricing model.

The old-fashioned model of pricing based on the hour is crazy in a world where technology is crashing the amount of time required to do stuff. We have to change.

The great news is, for those firms that are willing to make that change, there are huge opportunities…


You have a greater opportunity to make a real difference in clients' lives.


Price is the starting point of everything. Get your price right and everything changes.

You’ll attract those great clients, those ambitious business owners who are looking for an accounting professional who will change those lives. You’ll increase your profits, and you’ll find that you’re doing much more enjoyable work.

When you sit down with a client and you make a real measurable difference, because perhaps you've taught them how to price and they're now reporting bigger profits thanks to you, that's something you can be rightly proud of.

And, of course, when all this happens we can work less hard. We can spend more time doing what we love.

But the starting point is price… For too many years as a profession, we have got it wrong because we're pricing with redundant pricing models and being way too cheap. We have to get it right. When we do, we can make a huge profound difference in the lives of our clients.


So what’s my job?

My job is to teach you the skills you need to master value pricing, and to help you earn more money by helping your clients with their pricing. My job is to give you the tools, systems and the confidence you need.

Join me and a community of like-minded accounting professionals around the world who are changing the way that they work, changing the results they get, and most importantly, changing the results of their clients.


You can watch the video here. 



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Wishing you every success on your pricing journey

Mark Wickersham

Chartered Accountant, Public Speaker and Author of Amazon No.1 Best Seller “Effective Pricing for Accountants”