Overcoming Overwhelm – 10 Strategies

strategies for accountants Apr 03, 2023


Do you regularly feel like there’s too much going on in your life for you to focus on what really needs doing? Do you feel like you’re always juggling too many tasks and never really getting anywhere with them?


If so, you’re not alone! Many business owners and entrepreneurs feel overwhelmed by the demands of life and business, but luckily there are ways to deal with this feeling.


In this blog post, we’ll explore 10 powerful strategies for avoiding overwhelm.


You can watch the full video on this topic here: https://youtu.be/l0z23Wr8h1o


#1 Stop and reflect


Sometimes, when we feel overwhelmed, it can help to take a step back and reflect on what’s really causing our stress.


If you’re a sole proprietor or business owner, life can get really lonely! Talking to someone else can be helpful. Bouncing ideas off another person gives you a fresh perspective, and you may realize that some of the tasks that you thought were difficult and overwhelming are actually quite simple.


#2 Get it out of your head


Our brains are designed for creating ideas, not storing them. When we have too many tasks and ideas to remember, it can be overwhelming.


The solution is to get your ideas out of your head and into a system that works for you. Whether you use a piece of software or a good old-fashioned to-do list, find a system that works and stick with it.


Personally, I use Trello to organise all my tasks and systems weekly, as well as my long-term goals and strategy.


#3 What can be done later?


Not every task on your to-do list needs to be done right away.


Ask yourself if a task is urgent or if it can wait. If it can wait, schedule it for later. If it will only take a few seconds to complete, do it right away. Prioritizing your tasks can help you feel less overwhelmed.


#4 Create a “not-to-do” list


Creating a “not-to-do” list can be just as important as creating a to-do list.


Not every task is worth your time, so ask yourself if each task is really necessary. If it doesn’t align with your vision or goals, put it on your not-to-do list.


#5 Say “No”


It's important to stay focused on your own vision and plan. Don't get side-tracked by other people's ideas or goals.


Get comfortable with saying no to tasks that don't align with your vision or goals.


#6 Organize by project, time, or context


The next tip for avoiding overwhelm is to organize your tasks.


David Allen, the author of Getting Things Done, suggests organising tasks by project, time, or context. This means that you can group tasks by the bigger picture projects they are a part of, the time in which they need to be completed, or the context in which they can be done.


Using a tool like Trello can also help in organizing your tasks and keeping track of progress.


#7 What can you delegate/outsource?


As business owners or managers, we often feel the need to be in control and take on all tasks ourselves. However, this can lead to burnout and overwhelm.


Delegating tasks to team members or outsourcing tasks can help in reducing your workload and free up your time to focus on higher-priority tasks.


#8 What can you systemize?


Sometimes, the tasks we repeatedly do can be simplified and automated by creating systems or processes. This can help in saving time and reduce the likelihood of errors.


Look for ways to systemize your processes, like automating email responses, creating standard operating procedures, or using project management software.


#9 Focus on one thing at a time


Attempting to multitask can often lead to a sense of overwhelm. Instead, focus on one task at a time and block out time in your calendar for completing it. This will help in increasing your focus and productivity, and ensure that you complete the task efficiently.


#10 Review every week


At the start of each week, take time to review your tasks and prioritise them based on their importance and relevance to your goals. Ask yourself whether each task needs to be done this week or can be postponed, delegated, or outsourced.


This will help in ensuring that you are focusing on the most important tasks and not spreading yourself too thin.


You can watch the full video on this topic here: https://youtu.be/l0z23Wr8h1o



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Mark Wickersham


Chartered Accountant, Public Speaker and Author of Amazon No.1 Best Seller “Effective Pricing for Accountants”