The VPA Portugal Strategic Retreat - Catching Up With Neil Criddle Part 2

inspiring stories value pricing academy May 27, 2024


This blog goes over some of the key learning points from my recent interview with Neil Criddle. In this post, we’ll look at Neil’s experiences at the Value Pricing Academy Portugal Retreats.


We run the VPA Portugal Retreats a couple of times each year so that we can meet some of our awesome VPA members in person, and to allow members to network, share valuable insights and ideas, and enjoy socialising in sunny Portugal.


Check out the full video I did with Neil here.


Why Attend a Professional Retreat?


Benefits of Attending Retreats


Professional retreats are great for both professional and personal growth. Participants return energised with fresh ideas and actionable insights that enhance their business practices. The immersive setting promotes deep thinking and collaborative development of new strategies.


The Value Pricing Academy Portugal Retreat


Set in Portugal's stunning landscapes, the VPA retreats blend collaborative brainstorming and educational sessions with socialising activities including a wine tasting and party. Each event is designed to enrich professional knowledge while allowing participants to enjoy camaraderie and scenic views. This balance fosters a fresh, open mindset ideal for learning and creativity.


A Participant’s Perspective: Neil’s Experience


Neil (who has attended every VPA Portugal Retreat so far!), values the rich interactions and learning experiences. These retreats are crucial to his professional growth, allowing him to implement innovative ideas in his practice.


Learning and Development Opportunities


The Portugal retreats include in depth learning on valuable tools for accountants and bookkeepers, such as ChatGPT for enhancing client communication and marketing. Neil credits these retreats for practical improvements and increased profitability in his business.


Interactive sessions with experts and collaborative exchanges boost innovation and professional growth. Neil notes that he finds the ongoing learning essential for keeping his business competitive.


Networking and Community Building


The Portugal retreats are great for forging connections with like-minded accounting professionals from all over the world who are also in the VPA. These interactions often evolve into enduring friendships that enhance business growth and innovation.


For Neil, these retreats have been invaluable in building a supportive network that contributes diverse perspectives and advice, helping him tackle new challenges.


Addressing Industry Challenges


The retreats provide a platform for discussing common industry challenges, such as team building, recruitment, and technological integration. Attendees share experiences and solutions, enriching the collective knowledge. This collaborative approach has helped Neil and others develop effective strategies for managing their teams and growing their firms in an ever-evolving professional landscape.


Check out the full video on this topic for a more in-depth look at Neil’s experiences and insights on building his business.



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Wishing you every success on your pricing journey


Mark Wickersham


Chartered Accountant, Public Speaker and Author of Amazon No.1 Best Seller “Effective Pricing for Accountants”