Develop a Niche and Win Better Clients

Building a niche is really important. I’ll give you five reasons why…


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#1 - Specialists always make more money than generalists


Specialists always make more money than generalists. We see this in every industry. The brain surgeon earns more money than the general practitioner.


#2 - specialise in a particular industry 


A niche allows you to specialise in a particular industry or type of work. You can get deeper into it and learn so much more. The deeper you go, the more knowledge and experience you get, the more value you will be able to give to your clients.


#3 - Saves time


It saves you a ton of time. For example, if you decide to do any type of tax planning, tax compliance for clients, then as part of your CPD training, you need to go on many tax courses. You need to learn about inheritance tax, estate planning, corporation taxes, personal taxes. There are so many things to learn and we are so busy trying to keep up to date with our CPD. But if you specialise in one, you only have to learn about that one area.


#4 - Become the Expert


As you specialise and learn more, you become the best. You become the expert. You will win more clients from a wider area because people want to work with the best.


#5 - Charge higher prices


When you specialise and become the expert of your niche, you can charge much higher prices.


These are the 5 reasons for building a niche. Now here’s how you do it…


Tell people you are the expert


I ran my own accounting firm in the 90s, but from 2002 I started teaching accountants in the UK. I taught all sorts of things. I was a generalist. Then, in 2010, I decided to become the world’s leading expert on implementing value pricing for the accounting profession.

I wrote my first book in 2011 and I now get hired to speak at the biggest conferences around the world.

I made that decision. One of the first things I did was change my LinkedIn profile to say I was an expert in value pricing.

If you tell people you are the expert, you will attract many more clients.


Where are your ideal clients?


The next strategy is to find out where your ideal clients tend to go. What conferences do they go to? What websites do they use? What social media platforms, what Facebook Groups?

Find where they hang out and mix with them. Share content, share ideas, help them. If you do that, people will start to see you as an expert.


Create Content


If you tell people you are the expert, you need to be able to prove it. You need to make content. That could be blog posts or videos. You could teach on stage. You could do webinars.

When you create good high-quality content with all of your specific niche knowledge, people will be queuing up to work with you. And they will pay higher prices.



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Wishing you every success on your pricing journey

Mark Wickersham

Chartered Accountant, Public Speaker and Author of Amazon No.1 Best Seller “Effective Pricing for Accountants”

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