How to Come Up with Content Ideas for your Online Business Club

business advisory online business club Oct 04, 2021


In my last blog post, I went over my top 3 tips for becoming more confident when building your online business club, the third of which was to know that you have great content.

In this blog post, I want to show you how you can come up with that amazing content quickly.


Have a Theme


The first thing you want to do to create content for your online business club is to come up with a theme. So, what is it that you would teach business owners? And that depends largely on your expertise and what you’re most comfortable with.

For example, if you are a bookkeeper, you might be really switched on with the latest technology as part of financial systems. So you could build your business club around how to be more productive and efficient with your business.


The thing that I would suggest for most people would be some form of Business Advisory because that's where we as a profession can add huge value.

And it's not that difficult to do a lot of business advice. If you are a business owner, then you will have learned things from your time in business. What things have worked; what things haven't worked. You’ll find that a lot of your clients are struggling, and you can teach them the stuff they’d love to know.


Possible Topics


Once you have your theme, you need to think of relevant topics you could teach under that theme.


But I want to note that you don’t need to map out ALL your content for your business club in advance. My advice would be to have two or three months of content roughly mapped out because you’ll learn as you go along what it is that your clients want to know more about.


So, if you were to go with the theme of Business Advisory, here are some possible topics for you:

  • The seven most important numbers that every business should measure – What are those seven numbers? It doesn’t really matter because there are so many important numbers. You could pick seven, or five, or nine, it doesn’t matter! Some will be things like gross profit margins. With an hour’s worth of prep, you could come up with those seven numbers.
  • How to design a business for success
  • The three ways to grow a business
  • How to increase your price without losing customers – There are so many things you could teach in that area: menu pricing; how to deliver sensational customer service; how to understand the numbers.
  • Why your business success starts with YOU – If you want to build a successful business, you should always start with what you want out of life. What are your goals? What does your business need to look like to achieve those goals and give you the life you want? Do a session focusing on your clients’ goals.
  • How do you build a business?


So, there are some content ideas for you.


First, you need to come up with your theme, and then come up with a list of topics under that theme that you think your clients would love to learn more about.


You could take something you’ve read about before in a book or learned on a training course. Take those ideas and teach your own spin on them.

Every time you learn something, you need to be learning at two levels. Firstly, you want to know how to take those ideas to improve your own accounting firm. But then you also want to think about how you can then take those ideas and teach them to your clients through a business club and start to change their lives.

As your business club progresses, you’ll start to learn from your clients what it is they want to know more about, what they’re not so interested in, what their pain points are.

From that, you can plan out more content that you know your clients will love.


Watch the full video on building an online business club here: How to Build a Business Advisory Online Club



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Mark Wickersham

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