The 6 Benefits of Running an Online Business Club

business advisory strategies for accountants Sep 06, 2021


The idea of starting an online business advisory club can be daunting. The technology can seem overwhelming and there are a number of barriers which can hold us back. However, when we keep it simple, it’s not actually difficult to do! In this blog post, I’ll share with you the 6 BIG benefits of running an online business club.


1 - Scalable


Traditionally as a profession we work with clients one-to-one, and that’s fine, but it puts a limit on what is possible for us to do, because we can only work with one person at a time. And we only have so many hours in a week! That means we can only take on a certain number of clients to work with so that we don’t run out of time.

However, if we think a little bit differently, we can start to SCALE. 

Let’s think about that opportunity. Imagine you start a business club, and you have 10 great clients who come along to listen to your content. They then get so much value from you that they decide to come back month after month. And imagine those 10 people get so much value that they are willing to pay you for doing that.

Well, here's the interesting thing. If you're delivering online to a group, in terms of your time, resources, energy and effort, you're putting in the same amount whether you're talking to one person for 60 minutes, or 10 people for 60 minutes, or 100 people for 60 minutes!

So, this is a great way to add huge value to a lot of people and create a big revenue stream. I’ll go over some amazing example numbers that this scalable opportunity can produce in a blog post soon.


2 – Make a difference to your clients


The second benefit of an online business club is that it’s a great way to make a difference in the lives of your clients. You can help them every single month by teaching them something really useful and valuable.


3 – Market Research


When you get a group of your clients together like this, it’s a great way of doing market research. You’ll find in your sessions that your clients will ask you questions, and that starts to tell you what your clients and prospects want to know more of.

This helps you in two areas. Firstly, it helps you to refine and develop more content for them. And secondly, those content ideas will give you ideas for your marketing. One of the most powerful forms of marketing is content marketing: creating blog posts, videos, social media posts, etc. When you work with a business club, you start to learn what the issues your ideal clients are facing are. And that tells you what you need to start teaching them.


4 – Gain New Clients


When you work with a group of clients and you're teaching them advisory stuff, what you'll find is some of them will say to you, “That's really interesting. Can you help me do this?”

As you build a relationship with people through your business club, many of them will become your clients for high-value one-on-one work.


5 – Collect Stories


One of the most powerful things you can do in marketing is to collect stories from people whose lives you’ve changed. You can use these case studies on your website and in all your marketing.

Having a business club is a great source for these stories, because one of the things that you can say systematically every month when you get your group together is “Before we get started, tell me in the chat box what have you done since last month? What results have you had? What successes have you had?”

You'll find that people like to share their results, so you can start to collect those stories to share with others how you’re helping to change your clients lives and businesses.


6 – It’s Fun!

Probably the biggest benefit after the financial opportunity is that it’s fun to run a business club! It might not sound like fun if you’ve never done it before, but once you start doing it, it really is great fun!

I’m an introvert, but I’ve learned over the years that the adrenaline and energy kicks in when you’re about to go live to your audience. Now, for me, the best part of my day is when I run my live sessions at 4pm! That’s when all the prep I've done that day comes into action and I get to share powerful stuff with you, and I have great fun!


So, those are the 6 big benefits of running an online business club. In my next blog post, I’ll take you through some of the potential barriers that might be stopping you from running your business club, and how you can overcome them to tap into this amazing opportunity.


Watch the full video on building an online business club here: How to Build a Business Advisory Online Club



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