5 Ways to use Facebook to Win More Clients – Part 2

winning clients Jul 11, 2022


Facebook is so powerful for winning new clients. In fact, I think it’s the most powerful platform we can be using to build our expert position and connect with potential clients. Find out why here.

In my last blog post, I took you through the first 2 ways you can use Facebook to win more clients. Check it out if you missed it!

Now, in Part 2 of this series, I’m going to share with you the last 3 ways to maximise Facebook’s potential.



#3 – Facebook Groups


Most people hang out on Facebook to some extent. However, they’re not all in the same place, and your ideal clients aren’t just magically going to find your Page and content. First, you need to figure out where on Facebook you can find your ideal clients hanging out. This is where Facebook Groups come in.

Groups are something that really sets Facebook apart from other platforms. Yes, you can get LinkedIn groups, but they have terrible engagement. I have a group with around 8000 accountants in it, and there is zero engagement. Nobody is talking and nobody is answering posts. I hope they will fix and improve this one day, but for now, Facebook Groups are the place to be – you just have to find the right ones.


If you have a niche you specialise in, start to join Groups that that community would be part of. If you’re interested in manufacturing clients, have a search around and find the most active Groups that those clients would be interested in. Join those Groups and start to get involved. Post useful tips and insights, answer people’s questions, and reply to their posts.

This is so powerful, because people are going to start recognising your name and thinking of you as someone helpful, friendly and knowledgeable. That’s going to make them want to check out your Page and profile, and ultimately want to work with you.


However, a quick warning: don’t use other people’s Groups for selling, and don’t spam the Group. There are usually Group Rules and spamming the Group with promotions is a quick way to annoy the Group owner and get kicked out. You can potentially post useful things like an eBook if they are relevant, but I would always recommend reaching out to the Group owner first to check what they’re okay with you posting. It’s worth asking, because many group owners are happy to work out an agreement where you can occasionally promote useful things of yours because that’s putting valuable content in their group. But if in doubt, reach out to the Group owner.



#4 – Your own Facebook Group


The next step up from joining other people’s Groups is to create your own. This takes a bit more time and effort, but it’s so worth it because when you build a Group up, you’re creating your own tight-knit community where you are the expert.

Not only are you building a community, but you can also use your Group (and other people’s) for market research. You can start to understand what the challenges your ideal clients are facing are, what they want help with, and what topics they are most interested in. This will help you so much with your content marketing strategy because you know what your clients find valuable and how to get great engagement from them.

How do you find out what your community is struggling with? Ask questions in the Group. Run polls and ask what people want to learn more about. Read people’s posts and comments. The more they see you as the expert, the person who’s going to solve their problems, the more likely they are to become a client of yours.


Your Group is all about networking, getting your name out there, and helping people through your content and knowledge. Keep the conversation going and create a warm, active community where people know they can come for answers.


One more quick warning, just like with others’ Groups, don’t use your Group for selling. It should be about helping people and providing great content, not selling things. Make sure you set up Group Rules so others know not to sell and self-promote in your Group too and monitor other people’s posts to remove spam and promotional posts which will ruin the integrity of your Group.



#5 – Facebook Live


The final way to use Facebook to win new clients is to go LIVE on Facebook. This can seem scary at first, but it’s so worthwhile and powerful. Going Live is the quickest way to get your name, brand, face, and expertise out there to a large audience.

Because the Facebook algorithm loves video, your Live streams are more likely to get great engagement than other posts. Plus, you can share a lot of valuable information much more succinctly and engagingly than with a simple post.


The reason Live video is so powerful is it is the best way to get your personality across. The reason clients love you and buy from you is because of you. We are in the relationship industry, and clients tend to be fairly loyal because of the relationships you build. So to win new business, we have to help people get to know us, to like and trust us.

Plus, Live is better than pre-recorded video because you can engage in the moment with your potential clients. You can do a Q&A session where you answer their burning questions live. You can read their comments as they come through, acknowledge them by name and thank them for their contribution. People love to feel involved and recognised, so this is really going to make them like you.


Yes, you can get really fancy with equipment for doing video and going Live, and if this is something you end up enjoying and getting results from, I would recommend getting the best equipment for the job. But to start, all you need to go live is a smart phone or a webcam. That’s all you need to start sharing amazing content and building trusting relationships with potential clients right now!

Don’t let fear stop you, because once you’ve stepped out of that comfort zone and seen the results that sharing your knowledge and personality through Facebook Live can gain, you’ll never go back.



What to do next…


Those were the 5 ways to use Facebook to win clients:

  1. Facebook Ads
  2. Facebook Page
  3. Join other Facebook Groups
  4. Create your own Facebook Group
  5. Facebook Live


Now, schedule some time every week to work on your Facebook strategy. That could include improving your Page/Group, creating content, replying to messages and comments, going Live. BUT don’t let Facebook become a time-waster or distraction. It can be easy to scroll mindlessly and lose track of time, you need to plan strategically what needs doing to avoid that.


You can also look into automation tools to save you time when it comes to posting great content. We use MeetEdgar as a scheduling software to make sure posts are going out to different social media channels frequently to stay active and encourage engagement. You can recycle old content because chances are people will have missed it last time or won’t remember.


Click here to watch the full video on this topic.



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Wishing you every success on your pricing journey


Mark Wickersham


Chartered Accountant, Public Speaker and Author of Amazon No.1 Best Seller “Effective Pricing for Accountants”