How You Can Help Make the World a Better Place


Every time you come along to one of our live sessions, we make a contribution via B1G1 on your behalf to some amazing global projects. Together, we are making a great difference in the world by doing what we do every day.


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What is B1G1?

Business for Good


Watch this short video to find out all about what this awesome organisation does, and how we work with them to change the world:


B1G1 is an organisation all about giving and making the world a better place. Every month, we pick certain projects via B1G1, and then we make a contribution to those projects for every single member of our Pricing Academies that comes to our live events. The incredible thing about B1G1 is it allows us to celebrate good things happening in our business by making sure something good happens somewhere else in the world.

If you scroll down, you’ll find a graphic which shows the total number of impacts that we’ve made via B1G1 so far, as well as some recent project highlights. And if you hit that ‘Learn More’ button you’ll go to the B1G1 website where you can read even more about the awesome work they do.

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Our Impacts

Here's What We're Doing to Help


This graphic shows the total number of impacts we've made with your help so far, plus a look at some of the incredible projects we've supported in the past few months: