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We have created a free copy of this research report with extracts from the full report, including how accounting professionals price bookkeeping services.

In fact, there are 3 versions, one for each of the UK, the US and Canada.  Each version contains extracts from the full survey plus specific analysis for the country of your choosing.

If you want to download your free digital copy of the sample report, select the first option on the right and hit the button at the bottom.

 What more will you find in the full research report

Bookkeeping is a complex and varied compliance service, every client is different, and they all value different things. It can be incredibly difficult to know how to price it.

It will help you to know what your competitors are charging around the world.

In this research study of 2,683 accounting professionals, we looked at what different countries and professions price; the most effective pricing methods and the biggest pricing challenges; and what factors can affect the scope of the work and the price.

We looked at the top performers and analysed what things made them stand out when it comes to pricing. We even got case studies from many of the accounting professionals whose prices were in the top 10% to learn how they achieved such amazing prices!

Some of the things we looked at in the survey and which we report on in the full research report include:

  • Are accountants better at pricing than bookkeepers?
  • How are the top 25% of accounting professionals pricing compared with the bottom 25%
  • Does having a niche allow you to charge higher prices?
  • Do you review your prices every year?
  • The EXACT prices accounting professionals charge so you can benchmark and compare your prices
  • Case studies from the top performing accounting professionals so you can copy their success secrets


The research study sponsors

The research study was sponsored by:

Intuit (United Kingdom, Canada, India, Australia)

International Association of Bookkeepers (IAB)

Institute of Professional Bookkeepers of Canada (IPBC)


Universal Accounting Center

The Freelance Bookkeeper

Insightful Accountant