How to price business start ups

How to value price business start-ups.

Here’s the problem.  When you take on a new client who has only just started their business they often need much more support.  They have more questions than other clients because it’s all new for them.  And yet, they usually don’t have the ability to pay you yet.

Also, you may not have much work to do for over a year because there are no end of year financial statements to do until they’ve been in business for a year.

How do you turn business start-ups into highly profitable clients right from day one?

In the book, “A Practical Approach to Value Pricing”, there is a chapter where I share a story of two accountants who have cracked this problem.  One of them – Stewart Newberry – explains how he estimates that this service will bring in around £10,000 per year – for something that previously made no money at all!

This is what you get as part of my “How to price start-ups” course:

  1. Video training taking you through the key steps for value pricing business start up work

  2. Video training showing you how to create your service offering and build up the value

  3. A ready-to-use professional looking brochure to help you demonstrate the value of what you do... this will save you two full days creating one from scratch

  4. A summary one-page brochure to help you in your sales process

  5. A detailed video walking you through the brochure and explaining the reason particular words are used, the marketing techniques and psychology... strategies designed to help the client understand the true value of what you do so they become more willing to pay a much higher price

  6. A detailed video showing you the questions to ask to identify the scope of work and what the client values and how you come up with a value-based price for your work

  7. A data file you can upload into Cloud Pricing v2.0 so you can be up and running with a complete pricing model within a few minutes

  8. LIFETIME ACCESS - There is no expiration date, which means you can revisit your training at any time

Accounting professionals using this approach to pricing their services are now frequently getting DOUBLE the prices (and sometimes even more).  This system will give you the confidence to price much better and get paid what you are truly worth.