Proposal Design Service

Save hours of time with our proposal design service.  We will create your proposal template inside your Effective Pricing account.


Here’s what happens:

  • Once you have made your payment, you send us your logo, branding and any images you want to use (see below for full list),
  • You choose the type of proposal template from portrait to landscape and your preferred dimensions (see below for more information),
  • We will then design a template and send to you for approval, and
  • When you are happy, we will put it inside your Effective Pricing account ready to start using.


If you would like our team to create your proposals inside your Effective Pricing account, we can do this for you. 

The current prices are shown to the right:

This is what you need to do: 


STEP 1: Choose your preferred currency and make your payment.

STEP 2: Email the following information to our team:



Figure 1 Example of 16:9 Landscape.                  Figure 2 Example of US Letter Portrait



  • A4
  • US Letter (see Figure 2)
  • 16:9 (see Figure 1)



  • Portrait (see Figure 2)
  • Landscape (see Figure 1)



  • A Word document containing the text of your proposals. Any keywords should be in this format {{keyword}}, or
  • the name of your existing proposal in Effective Pricing and we will use the text in your existing proposal.



  • Your logo in a high quality png file
  • Any other images you want us to use, including photos of you and your team



If you know them, the exact colours for your brand as a hex code (for example, #FFFFFF is the hex code for white).



If you have any existing brochures, you want us to match the styles or any other requests, please let us know.



Notes and conditions

  • When you make your payment, you will be joining a wait list. There is no guarantee over the turnaround time.  We will complete the work as soon as possible, and if this is likely to be more than two weeks, we will let you know.
  • We cannot start work on your design until you have sent us all the information we need.
  • By paying for this service, you are giving us permission to go into your Effective Pricing account. We need to do this if you want us to use the text from an existing proposal.  We also need to do this to upload your final proposal we design for you.
  • As part of this design service, we reserve the right to showcase your final brochure as an example of the work we do. For example, we may show the final design on our website, on our social media platforms and during live events.  Of course, since we are creating a proposal template when we showcase the final design there will be no confidential client information used.