Value Pricing Academy

Online mentoring for accounting professionals

I’m Mark Wickersham, Amazon #1 best-selling author of “Effective Pricing for Accountants.” This is how I help accounting professionals…

I run a mentoring programme where you join me online for 90-minutes every month. You join a community of other like-minded accountants and bookkeepers getting incredible results by pricing more profitably.

Every month I teach you value pricing concepts, I answer your questions, you learn from other people in the group and you get access to ready-to-use resources so you hit the ground running.

Since all our meetings take place online there are no travel costs.  All you need is a connection to the Internet and computer with speakers.

No ongoing commitment

There is no minimum period to be part of the group.  In other words, once you have joined the group you can leave and stop the payments whenever you want.  You are in complete control.

How you benefit

This is what you get as part of my monthly mentoring programme:

1. Access to me online as part of a group for 90-minutes once per month where you can learn and ask questions

2. The ability to be part of a group of like-minded accounting professionals and learn from what they are doing

3. Access to a Closed Facebook group where you can ask me questions, learn from the group and share what works

4. Ready-to-use resources each month to help you implement value pricing and become more profitable.

Marketing Mondays

An additional live online session with me every month where I will share 60 minutes of high value marketing strategies to help you grow your accounting firm.

Additional bonus sessions

In addition to the monthly sessions, about 6 times a year we run bonus sessions.  These bonus sessions consist of either:

  1. Sessions run by some of my successful students sharing with you exactly what they have done and the results they are getting.
  2. Additional sessions from guest experts who will teach you powerful skills to help you grow your accounting firm and make more profit.

And the most exciting bonus

My star student is a sole practitioner from the UK called Reza Hooda.  The results he is getting from his pricing are incredible.  But it goes beyond that.  Reza has built one of the most amazing accounting firms I have seen.

With my help, Reza has started a monthly mentoring programme teaching all aspects of building a great accounting firm.  He charges £95 + vat per month.  However, I have negotiated with Reza that all members of the Value Pricing Academy get access to this additional monthly mentoring.

If you can't attend the sessions live...

... we have you covered.  All sessions are recorded and made available to you.  In fact, when you first join the Value Pricing Academy you will get instant access to many of the sessions over the last few months so you can get started straight away.

Here is what some of my Value Pricing Academy members have told me...

“The guidance received from Mark has been very valuable as I work to increase pricing and better understand the psychology behind pricing. As a result of the information I've learned I've added several new monthly clients which has helped me add more valuable revenue. Mark is very insightful and willing to help.”

Jeremy Stark, NDBP, LLP


“The Academy is fantastic. I've learned a lot about value pricing from Mark which allowed me to implement value pricing in my firm and increase my profits.”

Katryna Coltess, Plus Associates Bookkeeping Inc


“I simply can't say enough for how Mark and Sarah's work has changed my business.   After being involved for almost 2 years, I am working much less and still making the same income.   Expecting next year to be even better.   Thanks again!”

David Kolts, David B. Kolts, CPA, PLLC


“You will easily recoup the small investment in time and membership by improving your prices and negotiations with clients.”

John Johnstone, JMJ Accountancy


“If you're stuck and unsure and looking for help or answers, join - the information is very valuable. You will learn something.”

Stephanie Jones, Enchanted Moon Ltd


“I have tried to learn value pricing a few times before with 1-3 part training sessions, but could not quite get the hang of it and I didn't have the confidence to implement what I did learn. I am understanding it in this program. I really get it! This program has also raised my confidence in my value and the value of the services that I offer. It makes so much sense and I want to get all of my clients on this system. One by one I am doing that now. It is making a world of difference in myself and my business.”

Cammie Hughes, Account Ability, Inc.


“Value Pricing Academy has introduced me to many valuable concepts that will benefit my practice in the coming years. Mark teaches us how to communicate the benefits that our work brings to our clients and price out services so we can bring home a profit to our families.”

Michael Braun, Upfront Consulting


“Mark has a true ability to explain pricing methodologies in a way that is easily understandable and that an accounting firm is able to implement. There are many straight-forward strategies to implement and some strategies require more effort but with Mark's ongoing commitment as well as help from the group you can achieve a new level of pricing success!”

Kimberly A. Colton, CPA, TG Accounting


“The ROI is just amazing. There is no risk to joining just rewards if you put in the time and effect and adopt what is being delivered.”

Aaron Mcleish, Together We Count


“Worth the time and investment into yourself and your business!”

Amy Larsen, Amy Larsen Accounting


“If you would like to get paid what you are worth, this is the thing for you.”

Ishali, IDM Professional Corporation


“Learning to package price services has become the cornerstone of what we do in our industry and staying on the cutting edge of innovation.”

Andrea Glavas, inQub-O, Inc.


“It's about shifting your mindset off you, your personal worth, your time to thinking strategically as the owner and owning your business.”

Joy Schechter, The Joy of Business Inc


“I've told several people that it's well worth their money to join!”

Vicki Giampietro, Let Me Do It


“The support of the community and Mark gives you the confidence to stick to the prices you have given to a client without feeling like you need to back down when clients protest about your pricing.”

Carla Reding, Reding Bookkeeping


“Do it, without doubt.”

Andrew Rhodes FCA CTA, Sobell Rhodes LLP


“Joining the Value Pricing Academy was one of the best decisions I've ever made for my business growth and stability. The value far outweighs the cost in my opinion.”

Jan Baudat, QB Jan, LLC dba: FitBooks


“Learning about value pricing from Mark has literally transformed the profits of my accounting firm. I have fewer clients but much higher average fees now as a result of implementing value pricing.”

Reza Hooda, Walji & Co


“I strongly recommend Mark's mentorship!  He has helped me to learn to think differently about pricing, marketing and improving my profit.  I always get something new from each session.”

Patti, Patricia P Belcourt CPA PA