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9 Drivers of Profit: In this video I’ll share with you what the 9 drivers of profit are. You need to understand these drivers if you want to help your clients grow their profit, because profit is the end result of a whole series of other drivers. When you understand these drivers, you are better equipped to help the client improve the things that will have the fastest effect on improving their profit.

Restaurants and Cafes: I’m sure that you, like most accountants and bookkeepers, have clients or potential clients in the food hospitality industry. In this video I will share with you some powerful techniques that you can use to help those clients improve their pricing and improve their profits. These are techniques that will impress these clients by showing you understand their industry, and will help you be seen as the expert.

Powerful Price Discrimination: In this video I’ll share with you some ideas on powerful price discrimination; how you can charge different customers different prices. This is so important in value pricing because everybody values things differently, which means if you have a client with a single price, it’s always the wrong price. In this video I’ll explain to you why this is, and share with you two forms of price discrimination.

Advanced Menu Pricing: In this final video we’re going to kick things up a notch with a couple of advanced ideas around menu pricing. I’ll share with you some powerful techniques incorporating behavioural economics to boost your results.