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Right now the Bookkeepers' Pricing Academy is at maximum capacity and we can't take on any new members.

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Both academies are currently closed.

This is because we are focusing on giving our current members the highest possible value. 

We will be reopening the Bookkeepers' Pricing Academy with some great deals for a few days from 28th July during our Pricing Bookkeeping Masterclass.

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Online mentoring for bookkeepers 

I’m Mark Wickersham, Amazon #1 best-selling author of “Effective Pricing for Accountants” and “How to Build a Successful Bookkeeping Business.”


This is how I help bookkeepers and other accounting professionals…

I run the Value Pricing Academy - the leading training platform for helping accounting professionals build more successful businesses.  You can find out more about the Value Pricing Academy here.

The trouble is, for the smaller bookkeeping business, they do not need everything in the Value Pricing Academy and the price is sometimes beyond their budget.  That’s why we created the Bookkeepers' Pricing Academy.

The Bookkeepers' Pricing Academy is aimed specifically at bookkeepers and the smaller accounting firm.

You join a community of other like-minded bookkeepers and accounting professionals getting incredible results by pricing bookkeeping services more profitably.

Every month you learn powerful value pricing concepts, marketing to grow your firm, get your questions answered, you learn from other people in the group and you get access to ready-to-use resources so you hit the ground running.

Since all meetings take place online there are no travel costs.  All you need is a connection to the Internet and computer with speakers. 

No ongoing commitment

There is no minimum period to be part of the group.  In other words, once you have joined the group you can leave and stop the payments whenever you want.  You are in complete control.

How you benefit 

This is what you get as part of the monthly mentoring and training programme:

  1. Marketing Mondays: Join me live once a month where I will teach you the core marketing skills to build a successful business (every session recorded in case you can’t attend live).
  2. Foundation Wednesdays: Join me live once a month where I will teach you the critical foundations of value pricing (every session recorded in case you can’t attend live).
  3. You will be mentored for 90-minutes every month (as part of a group) by one of the most extraordinary bookkeepers I have met, Teresa Slack. Each month she will teach you what you need to build a more successful bookkeeping business and answer your questions.
  4. Access to my “How to price bookkeeping” training helping you get much higher prices for your bookkeeping service (delivered to you monthly)
  5. Training from other guest speakers and additional video training.
  6. Free software for helping you get higher prices
  7. And much more

In short, you get over 4 hours of live training every month, plus additional training, tools and resources designed to help you get better prices, win more clients and make more money. 

Live training means you get the opportunity to ask questions.  We recommend you get into the habit of attending live each month.  But don’t worry if you can’t.  Every session is recorded and the recordings are available for 60 days.

This means, when you join, you get instant access to hours of training immediately without having to wait until the next live sessions. 

We want to get you results FAST!

Here is a sample of some of the things you will learn…

  • Getting your pricing strategy right
  • The structure of the value conversation
  • How to give a fixed price with confidence
  • Re-pricing existing clients
  • Increase your prices fast with the 7-step menu pricing framework
  • Understanding the value equation
  • An introduction to communication strategies
  • And introduction to price psychology and the laws of influence
  • A framework for how to price one-off projects
  • How to create a great proposal
  • Get more sales and have a happier team with better communication
  • How to get more leads with a powerful elevator pitch
  • Powerful vision and mission statements
  • Time and money saving apps you and your customers will love
  • How to have the dreaded price conversation
  • How to write great copy
  • Referral systems
  • Content marketing
  • Building your own Facebook group
  • Your social media strategy
  • Creating regular content fast
  • Building your lead generation system

"The Academy is fantastic. I've learned a lot about value pricing from Mark which allowed me to implement value pricing in my firm and increase my profits."

Katryna Coltess
Plus Associates Bookkeeping Inc

"The support of the community and Mark gives you the confidence to stick to the prices you have given to a client without feeling like you need to back down when clients protest about your pricing."

Carla Reding
Reding Bookkeeping

"I have tried to learn value pricing a few times before with 1-3 part training sessions, but could not quite get the hang of it and I didn't have the confidence to implement what I did learn. I am understanding it in this program. I really get it! This program has also raised my confidence in my value and the value of the services that I offer. It makes so much sense and I want to get all of my clients on this system. One by one I am doing that now. It is making a world of difference in myself and my business."

Cammie Hughes
Account Ability, Inc.