7 Ways to Become the Sought-After Expert

I want to share seven powerful ways to become a sought-after expert. To become the person clients are queuing up to work with.



If you prefer to watch the video, you can watch the video here.


#1 Write a book or e-book


I can already hear you thinking “I can't write a book. I'm an accountant. And anyway, where would I find the time?”

The good news is that nowadays technology makes it much easier than you think. One process I teach shows you how to write a book in less than seven hours. And whether you work in tax planning or business growth, your book will ensure you’re seen as an expert and win you business.


#2: Blog – regularly


Regularly is the keyword here. Blogging once and then forgetting about it won't establish your credibility. You need to post at least once a month or, even better, once every fortnight or week. One tip is to write posts in batches – if you try to write one a week, things always crop up to...

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