How to Price Complex Tax Planning Work

tax value pricing Oct 24, 2021


Tax planning is a big opportunity to add significant value to our clients. Unfortunately, we often price it completely wrong and miss out on premium fees.

In my latest YouTube video (from a Live Webinar) I teach you strategies for getting bigger fees from tax planning. In this blog post, I’ll give you a snippet of the key principles from that video, but you can watch the whole video here:


The Key Principles


Never price tax planning work by the hour


We should absolutely NOT be pricing tax planning work based on how long the work takes, because that's completely irrelevant!

No client is ever interested in how many hours we spend doing something. The only thing that clients are interested in is the end result that we can get for them.

And the great thing about tax planning work is that we can get big results for clients.


Fully communicate the value and benefits of the tax planning


You need to think very...

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