Getting Stuff Done: The Importance of Energy

strategy Nov 02, 2021


Do you ever struggle with feeling overwhelmed?

We all do.

Because no matter how successful we are or how much stuff we manage to get done, we always want to get more done. So we start to feel overwhelmed and down for a while.

But largely we feel overwhelmed because we drive ourselves too hard. Or, sometimes, it’s because we’re lacking clarity.


In this blog post in a series on how to find the time to get stuff done, I’ll take you through why energy is so important for productivity, and how you can find more energy.


The Importance of Energy


Have you ever had those mornings where you’ve gotten to your desk with a big to-do list that’s been preying on your mind, and you sit there and just think, ‘I’m tired, I can’t, this is too hard, I can’t be bothered’? And the morning drags by because you’re so tired and overwhelmed.

When we feel like that, it’s because we aren’t bringing enough...

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