NEW Effective Pricing Features over 2021

effective pricing Dec 17, 2021


Over the course of 2021, we've added LOADS of exciting new features to Effective Pricing, some of which came from your own great ideas and suggestions.


Here are all the new features added to Effective Pricing over 2021 in case you missed any:


Updates to Proposals

Effective Pricing had some updates which went live at the end of January 2021 relating to proposals.  Here is a quick summary of the main changes:


Expanding the list of pages

In the top left you could only see 3 of your proposal pages at a time which made it cumbersome managing page ordering with lots of pages.  There is now a new icon allowing you to expand or contract the list of proposal pages.



Simplified the standard tables you can insert into your quotes

We removed some of the headings from the standard pricing tables you can embed in your proposals.  For example, the “Questions” heading on the table where you show your client how they...

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Never Buy Software Until You've Answered This Question...

Software is becoming increasingly prevalent in the accounting profession.

There are tons of apps out there that can help make the lives of accountants and bookkeepers so much easier.

It can be overwhelming just how many different tools there are, and many accounting professionals worry about the ongoing costs of subscriptions. This is the excuse they use for not investing in any of these helpful tools.

As a profession we tend to be very focused on costs – but what we need to do is think more like entrepreneurs and consider the return on investment.


You can watch the video here.


The big question you need to ask when looking into software is: what are the benefits?

Ask yourself this question when researching your software tools and come up with a list. It may be that it:

  • Saves you time
  • Makes you more money
  • Helps you win clients
  • Makes your business run more smoothly

I had an email from someone recently questioning the subscription costs of my software Effective...

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