The Opportunity

value pricing Oct 11, 2017

There’s a huge opportunity for the accounting profession happening right now

Today I want to share with you an incredible opportunity that’s happening right now in the accounting profession. An opportunity that can help you add massive value to your clients by helping them improve their prices, and that in turn will help you to be well rewarded.

You can find out more about this powerful opportunity in my video here.

The definition of an accountant is changing…

As you know, the world of technology is changing extremely quickly. You've heard of artificial intelligence and machine learning. We are seeing that a lot of the compliance work we do is being automated, and that means as a profession we have to change. The definition of an accountant is going to change, and we’re going to have to do more for our clients. The question of course is, "Well, what should we be doing?”

Well, for many years the experts have been saying we need to start helping our clients improve their profits by becoming business consultants. And that is a really great thing to do. However it does create a challenge, and that’s that business consulting is such a broad topic, it’s scary. As accountants we’re not equipped to do that, we’ve not been trained for it.

However, the big opportunity lies in a particular area of business consulting that we can own as a profession. It’s price consulting.

A new, emerging field we can own as a profession

Price Consulting is an emerging, growing industry. And It's particularly powerful for us, because price is a number, and after all we are the numbers experts. We’ve seen huge leaps in understanding in recent years through price psychology and behavioural economics, allowing us to understand price at a deeper level. It’s a new, exciting field. Plus, currently there are very, very few price consultants about.

And it's also exciting because more than any other driver of profit, price can have the fastest impact on the bottom line profit of our clients. We can help our clients get results fast. And when you do that, you become your clients’ hero. They will stay with you forever. They will become much more loyal, and they will pay you higher prices.

But, of course, the question is, “How can we do that? How can we own that space? How can we help our clients improve their prices?” Well, what I’ve done for you is I’ve created a powerful, free course of 4 videos where I share with you some effective tips on price consulting and how you can help your clients improve their profits and in turn be well rewarded. Click here to get immediate access to these 4, free videos.

Plus, I'm going to be running for you a 90-minute webinar very soon where I’ll dive even deeper into this topic. You can find out details about it once you sign up for the free videos. It’s free but spaces are limited, so I recommend signing up straight away to ensure your place.

Wishing you every success on your pricing journey.

Mark Wickersham
Chartered Accountant, public speaker and #1 best-selling author of
Effective Pricing for Accountants

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