3 Keys to Pricing Your Bookkeeping Services

Uncategorized Jan 09, 2019

How to price bookkeeping services

I received an email a short while ago from a Chartered Accountant called Patrick. He told me how he’d used a process to get 4 times his normal price for his bookkeeping work.

You can watch the whole video here.

I’m going to share with you the techniques he used to achieve this in 3 easy steps.

The Brochure

The first thing Patrick did was to create and use a brochure. He called it “Taking Away the Hassle of Keeping the Books”.

There are several reasons why I strongly recommend you have a professional brochure.

Firstly, it is one of the strongest forms of marketing. You are professionally packaging your services and this influences people’s perception of what you do.

They will expect high standards and they will expect a high price.

Secondly, your brochure becomes your script on how you would run a meeting to properly communicate value to the client.

The Packages

Patrick’s second technique was to package his services.

Everyone values things differently. So you need to create different packages to reflect those needs.

Patrick communicated his packages to the client by using Cloud Pricing Software.

This software comes up with 3 different packages and 3 different price points which allows the client to choose the package that is just right for them.

In this particular case, the client wanted the middle option, which came out at a significantly higher price than Patrick used to price at before using the brochure and the Cloud Pricing software.

The Up Sell

Finally, Patrick used Up Selling tactics.

The Up Sell is when you sell a service and then add on other things at an extra price.

The client had finally agreed to a package that was £257 per month.

But Patrick then offered extra secretarial services at an extra £29 + VAT per month, which they accepted.

Patrick learnt this from the most profitable company on the planet: Apple.

Apple offer 3 packages. When you have selected your package they then offer extra services when the customer is in what we call ‘Buy Mode’ – they are ready to spend their money.

So Patrick did exactly the same thing using the Cloud Pricing software. Once his client had chosen the package that was just right for them, Patrick took them through the up sell process and as a result the client ended up spending an extra £29 per month.

Patrick’s success shows us that pricing bookkeeping doesn’t have to be difficult. These simple techniques allowed him to times his price by 4, and you can do the same.

Click here to learn more about the Cloud Pricing Software that helped Patrick achieve this success.


Wishing you every success on your pricing journey.


Mark Wickersham

Chartered Accountant, public speaker and #1 best-selling author of “Effective Pricing for Accountants”

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